About John

About Cailey - Landscape Consultant at Salisbury Design

I’m a reflective, detail-oriented, and versatile Landscape Architectural Technologist with experience designing residential, commercial, and institutional facility projects. I am keen on leveraging practical expertise and academic background encompassing a Diploma in landscape Architectural Technology from the NAIT and a master gardener certificate from the UABG.

I believe in creating value for clients. Helping build both functional and beautiful garden through a simple yet effective solution is my primary goal with all clients. I will take into account your needs, wants, and concerns to come up with the best possible solution that will enhance your garden. A design that simply looks good on paper might not turn out that great in real life application. I try to imagine and concentrate on the whole experience and emotion you will have while walking through or relaxing in your dream yard. Light, shade, and wind throughout the day will affect your experience as well. How the design elements should be arranged so that it answers all your needs and creates more pleasant experience is what I ask myself the most as your design consultant.

As I prefer clean, simple and subtle design, I think a lot about minimizing superfluous elements. I like to give each element clear purpose while emphasizing certain structures or plants to heighten the sense of space or create a strong focal point. Even a subtle change, if presented right, can greatly affect the perception of your garden. I believe it is my job to listen to all the details and make them work as a whole.

Landscape design to me means creating better lives and good memories, because I find that people usually incorporate the experience they had with the space or environment they were in. My time at NAIT was a very rewarding experience for me, because it taught me practical ways to produce documents and visual displays in order to professionally communicate and share ideas with clients and other professionals.

When I’m away from work, I enjoy hiking and playing tennis. One thing I love the most is travelling. I like to just lose myself yet find myself at the same time while being immersed in a foreign world with a completely different cultural context. Meeting new people in different places always excites me because there is always something new to learn from people from all walks of life.